Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Youths: From assets to liability

Youths: From assets to liability

Pakistan is blessed with intelligent brains and myriad of hardworking workforce, but how much is its utility in this land of pure is a million dollar question. When the skilled workforce is put to work, it is an asset and when it is not, it is a liability. In the same manner, more population means more businesses and more jobs, and less population means less business opportunities and less jobs. It is a matter of understanding.

Millions of Pakistanis, educated and uneducated, are working in different fields in different countries, sending billions of dollars remittances to Pakistan, but many millions in this country eke out a meagre existence. Many others are jobless, hopeless and worthless. The Pakistani diaspora is found in every part of the world, and many countries have even recognised their share of services in the development of their economies. The South Korean instance is before us who keep late Pakistani economist Mehboobul Haq in high esteem and have even displayed his portrait in Parliament building. South Korea had implemented Pakistan’s third five year plan and is now a leading economy in the world. We are nowhere.

The problem is not in the overpopulation as is a popular notion in the country, but in the management. The governments after governments had been ruling the country for years, but did not give a least importance to the utilisation of the workforce in a proper manner. It is also a hard fact that the official rigmarole creates tremendous hurdles for the startups and those already in the business are in a constant struggle to wade through a sea of troubles.

If you want to put the vehicle of the national economy on the road of progress, you have to tape unutilised resources. The young generation– whether educated or uneducated – is an utilised asset and the country needs their services in accordance with their capacity and caliber. Every human being wishes to have a prosperous life, therefore, the youths of the country need encouragement, a recommendation and a sincere advice and none others, but the government has the capacity to do it all.

There is a need to encourage the dropouts by giving them another learning opportunity. Several non-governmental organisations are already in the field and offering services to the youth at minimal rates, but there is a need to do more. Thousands of the country’s unemployed youth are participating in the current rallies launched by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Tahirul Qadri. Anyone can hire a youth just for food. Thousands of youths are already wasting their lives at tea shops or standing at the corners of their streets, not only making a nuisance for their parents, but also for society