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WWE 2K15: Free Season Pass gift for Xbox One, PS4 owners, can get on Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, EB Games

WWE 2K15: Free Season Pass gift for Xbox One, PS4 owners, can get on Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, EB Games

LONDON: 2K Sports released their second WWE game on October 28 2014 with WWE 2K15 dropping. I did not play WWE 2K14, so this was my first experience with a 2K WWE title. Now that WWE 2K15 is a almost 5 months old, I think I have played the game enough to give a review and share my likes and dislikes with the game. Let’s hop right into the review.

The owners of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can get their copies and gift from Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon Canada and EB Games, to get the game and the program that is full of wrestling treats and doodads.

The Season Pass for “WWE 2K15” endows buyers instant access to all unlockable content available in the game and an exclusive playable WWE Diva Paige. But there’s more that fans can get at no cost.

The Season Pass has all three 2K Showcase storyline expansion packs that add more playable fighters, arenas and unique matches. There is “One More Match,” where players get a closer look at Christian and Randy Orton’s rivalry. Apart from the feuding wrestlers, fighters like Edge, Mark Henry and Sheamus will be playable with this DLC as well as rings from 2011, namely SmackDown, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit, and Capitol Punishment.

“Hall of Pain,” which centers on the most iconic matches of WWE Superstar Mark Henry, will also be included. Those who purchase “WWE 2K15” can relive his throwdowns against Big Show, Kane, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Sheamus, The Great Khali, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Ryback. “Hall of Pain” also activates arenas like SmackDown (2011), Vengeance (2011), and WrestleMania 29.

The last of the Showcase packs is the “Path of the Warrior,” which is yet to go on a rollout. This is a hulking great one and with the promo, players will be shown a bigger wrestling world, wearing the big shoes of WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior.

This means that apart from the wrestling icon, his fellow Hall of Famers, WWE superstars and legends of the ring will also be accessible. These include Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Sgt. Slaughter. The list gets longer with Honky Tonk Man, Rick Rude, Macho King and Colonel Mustafa.

The Undertaker and Hunter Hearst Helmsley will also be playable characters along with WWE Hall of Fame ring announcer Howard Finkel and WWE managers Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Paul Bearer, Sherri, Sid Justice and General Adnan.

Apart from the litany of characters, players will be able to host their duels in arenas like WrestleMania VI, VII and XII SummerSlam (from 1988, 1990 and 1991, respectively) as well as Saturday Night’s Main Event XXIV and Madison Square Garden.

On the whole, players should save $25 for availing the once in a lifetime offer. The promo starts with gamers in the United States. For those who live in Canada, they will have to wait a week more. Amazon and Best Buy will wrap up the amazing promo on March 21 and Gamespot will keep it up a day longer.