Sunday , February 23 2020
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Work re-distributed among 34 Appraising officers of Appraisement (East)

Work re-distributed among 34 Appraising officers of Appraisement (East)

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement (East) Deputy Collector Muhammad Ali Malik has re-distributed work amongst 34 Appraising officers with immediate effect and till further orders.

Gohar Hussain, who was working at Group-I; External Audit, has been transferred to Group-V; External Audit, Mujahid Iqbal from Group-I to Group-V, Muhammad Bilal from Group-I; R&D to Group-IV; Law, Muhammad Ali Nadeem from Group-II to Group-IV; Internal Audit, Muhammad Saleem Khan from Group-III; R&D; Internal Audit to Group-VI; Internal Audit, Nadeem Ahmed Khan from Group-III to One Customs, Shakeel John from Group-III to Group-II, Rashid Ali from Group-IV to Group-VI, Qadeer Khan from Group-V to Group-IV, Ilyas Gichki from Group-V; External Audit to Group-VI; R&D, Tariq Usman from Group-VI to Group-VI; External Audit, Kiran Noor from Group-VIII to Group-III, Muhammad Rizwan from One Customs to Group-I; External Audit, Ashfaq-ur-Rehman from R&D to Group-VI; R&D, Syed Azam Shah from R&D to Group-I; Law, Fahimullah Khan from Law to Group-VIII; Law, Muhammad Furrukh from Group-VI to SAPT, Ghulam Mohammad Bhutto from Group-VI; User ID to Group-VIII; User ID, Waqas Ishtiaq from Group-VII to PICT, Khurram Rafiq from Group-VI; Warehousing to Group-VI, Ali Raza from PICT to Group-II, Abdul Aziz Rahimoon from SAPT to Law; Recovery, Syed Salman Bukhari from Pak Shaheen to Law; Warehousing, Akram Ali from NLCT to Group-VII, Sarfraz Bangalzai from PICT to Warehousing; Recovery, Shahid Hameed from SAPT to Law; Warehousing, Azhar Shafi from Group-VII to Recover; Law, Haris Ahmed Khan from Pak Shaheen to SAPT, Muhammad Ismail from SAPT to Pak Shaheen, Mashallah Kahloon from SAPT to R&D, Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Rabbani from PICT to R&D, Nisar Ahmad from Group-IV to R&D, Muhammad Adil from Group-VII to Group-VII; R&D and Ejaz Ahamad has been shifted from SAPT to Group-III.