Monday , January 18 2021
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WhatsApp text messages now more secure than ever

WhatsApp text messages now more secure than ever

MEXICO: WhatsApp encryption text secure, now your WhatsApp text messages are more secure than ever, as per reported from last week messages send from WhatsApp android mobile users has been encrypted by default due to partnership agreement with Open Whisper System is a nonprofit software development company.

Eventually end to end encryptions will make it possible for sender or receiver will only read the messages and text messages will secure with Open Whisper System encryption protocol as same is using in secure app Text Secure. For Android encryption is by default addition now and user don’t need to do any extra work for it to make the things secure.

Now Android users are first cue to take the benefits of secure layer and protocol will very soon rolled out for user’s in-spite of any platform.

At least 600 million users of WhatsApp’s and app was acquired by Facebook in February. These apps have been acclaimed by technologists as well as Snowden, the NSA leaker who has showing countless top-secret surveillance programs, preaching the need for more secure and private communication tools.

It also makes sense for WhatsApp, which has been criticized over the years for a series of security and privacy snafus. The security community has often been critical of the messaging app. But now, after the announcement, the tone is already changing.