Tuesday , October 20 2020
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US Customs to return ‘Tyrannosaurus Skull’ to Mongolia

NEW YORK: The US customs authorities has decided to return the skull and vertebrae of an Alioramus dinosaur, a relative of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex, to Mongolia after Customs and Border Protection agents became suspicious of the French company importing them into the US.

As per details, France had sent 70-million-year-old fossils, via courier, to a storage facility in Long Island City, Queens, declaring them in customs documents to be mere replicas of the ancient Mongolian carnivore’s bones.

The US customs agents contacted the company regarding the bones, it admitted that even though it had told courier that the contents of its shipment was to be sold for $3,400, the Alioramus fossils were actually slated to be sold for $250,000.

Now, US customs decided to return these fossils to Mongolia as friendly move.

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