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UK Internet users to get security training from Google

UK Internet users to get security training from Google

LONDON: Google is aiming to train at need British Internet users on how to stay secure online.

Google is one of a number of tech companies that is ramping up its efforts to provide security training.

The company will be running a countrywide road show that aims to train more than 10,000 British Internet users in how to stay secure online.

Security experts will be hosting free workshops in five cities and 30 schools. The selection of these areas is based upon Google research that shows a higher proportion of Internet users searching for security related questions.

According to the company, searches related to terms such as “Emails have been hacked” and “Phished account” has gone up more than 5,000% in the past ten years.

The research also revealed that a quarter of 2,000 people in UK cities have been hacked or targeted by hackers in the past two years.

Efforts to train and improve the speed at which cyber security professionals are available are being undertaken by other companies such as SANS.

The company is looking to flip the recruitment model by acting as a filter for employers, the company aims to identify the best candidates in the country and then train them to a level where they are ready to deliver a high quality service as soon as they enter a business.

Steve Jones, UK Managing Director of SANS, says: “Organisations have become frustrated by the time it takes to find new cyber security talent, and with the costly process of training new staff, only to have them take their skills elsewhere just as they start delivering value.”

The company designed a Skills and Aptitude Assessment, which had 24,000 assessments submitted, from all of those, 200 candidates were invited to apply for the Academy.

As efforts to protect against cyber security threats continue to grow, the number of trained and talented security professionals will likely need to grow.

The industry has recently seen a growing number of combined efforts from companies to battle security threats, but one of the important areas to safeguard is the average user that may be the most vulnerable.

Raj Samani, CTO, Intel Security, Europe, said: “Simple measures such as understanding what makes a secure password and how to recognise phishing emails can empower consumers of all ages to use technology safely.