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Tunisian PM Urges Portuguese businessmen to Invest in Tunisia

LISBON: Speaking at the economic forum held on the sidelines of the 3rd Tunisian-Portuguese high-level meeting in Porto. The Prime Minister Habib Essid Friday urged Portuguese businessmen to invest in Tunisia and said efforts are being made to provide a favourable business climate.

The PM said the security situation in Tunisia has considerably improved.”Tunisia knows very well how to stand up to any threat to its security or vital economic interests,” he argued.

Trade remains below the two countries’ potential with an overall value of 425 million dinars, particularly compared to European Union partners. Portugal is the fourth investor in Tunisia with 1,823 MTD and 44 companies.

Essid said his cabinet is determined to lay the foundations for good governance and fight corruption and parallel trade.”The government is currently devising a development model based on coherence between political reforms and the economic and social objectives set by the State. The ultimate goal being to push for development in inland areas where there is plenty of untapped opportunities,” he pointed out.

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