Saturday , December 5 2020
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Transporters facing severe parking problems

Transporters facing severe parking problems


Federal Minister for Ports & Shipping,

Govt of Pakistan,



Respected Sir,


We — transporters community– are facing severe problems pertaining to parking of our vehicles. The 13,600 sq. yards of land located near Karachi Fisheries was allotted to transporters in 1996 for parking their trucks, cranes and trawlers but the land mafia with the patronization of Karachi Port Trust encroached the land and deployed their armed men at the site. We have submitted a petition in this regard in the Sindh High Court.

We request to the federal government and Ministry of Ports and Shipping to retrieve the land of Karachi Fisheries from the land grabbers and hand over to transporters.

We strongly demand of the authorities concerned to take effective steps in order to free the land from land mafia so that transporters community could get a sigh of relief.

We further appeal to the Karachi Port Trust administration to call the Port Council Committee (PCC) meeting after every three months to discuss and resolve the issues and problems of transporters.

We hope that Ministry of Ports and Shipping will resolve the issues of transporters at the earliest.


Yours sincerely,


Ghulam Yaseen Khan Niazi,

Chairman United Goods Transporters Association,