Monday , July 6 2020
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Traders suffers at Torkham Border due to WeBOC service

Traders suffers at Torkham Border due to WeBOC service

PESHAWAR: Issues faced by importers and exporters regarding WeBOC services increasing day by day causing huge loss of revenue to national exchequer.

The SCCI and government both appreciated it but failed to whole heartily accept its procedure of clearance .due to faults in the service and insufficient funds importers facing continuous loss of millions.

Speaking with Customs Today President Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industries Faiz Mohammed Faizi said that WeBOC service has been excellent initiative by Federal Board of Revenue to implement online collection of duties.

Faiz Mohammed Faizi further said that traders got relief after WeBOC services been provided for submission of duties . It has also decreased the risk of smuggling across the border, he added.

Importers associated with import export business at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while talking with Customs Today said that WeBOC service didn’t work properly due to insufficient electricity and other basic facilities like internet in the region.

Qazi Afzal member Sarhad Chamber of commerce and industries said from 10 years government deceived importers and exporters based at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by complicating the matters of duty collection at Torkham Border.

The importers said that national economy facing losses due to corruption and mal practices; no body seems to care about the trolling business at Torkham border.

Hundreds of families have lost business due to decrease in trade activities between Pakistan and Afghanistan but government is pending between WeBOC and manual systems which allow customs clearance to vehicles for crossing the border for trade purposes.

The Government has mandated cross border trade through WeBOC service which decreased movability the border brought new low in mutual trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan via Torkham border.

The exporters said that due to lack of interest from both countries bussiness at Torkham minimizing day by day. once Torkham Border ought to be known for business activity now it’s only a path way to Afghanistan.

The traders said due to faults in weboc services the clearance across the border have been carried out through manual ways which predicts that FBR didn’t have alternative.