Friday , May 29 2020
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Trade War Creates Chaos for US Ports

Trade War Creates Chaos for US Ports

The ongoing trade war between China and the US is causing severe disruption and “logistical havoc” for trans-Pacific ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to The Washington Times.
PTI recently reported on how major growth at China’s busiest ports could be negatively affected by the persistence of a conflict, but these tensions are also impacting ports in the US.

With higher tariffs of up to 25% set to be placed Chinese goods, retailers have been front-loading cargo before the new duties are enacted.

As a result of cargo volumes rising so quickly, the Californian supply chain around Los Angeles and Long Beach has become incredibly congested, with truck lines growing and “warehouses bursting at the seams” according to Port of LA Executive Director Gene Seroka.

This comes despite the Los Angeles area having the most warehouse space in the US, only 1% of which was left vacant at the end of May according to the Washington Times’ report.