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Thailand’s Two Significant Industries to be Showcased At Bangkok RHVAC 2019 and Bangkok E&E 2019

Thailand’s Two Significant Industries to be Showcased At Bangkok RHVAC 2019 and Bangkok E&E 2019

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce joined hands with the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Club and the Electric and Electronic Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries to stage the Bangkok Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning 2019 (Bangkok RHVAC 2019) and the Bangkok Electric and Electronics 2019 (Bangkok E&E 2019), a significant trade arena for Thai manufacturers and international buyers during 25-28 September, 2019 at BITEC, Bangkok.

Miss Banjongjitt Angsusingh, DITP Director-General revealed that “The DITP is preparing to organize Bangkok RHVAC 2019 and Bangkok E&E 2019 to showcase the full potential of air-conditioning and refrigeration industry as well as electric and electronic industry which is significant to the country with strengths from upstream to downstream. On display at the event will be latest products and innovations including environmentally friendly and technologically advanced creations.”

Bangkok RHVAC and Bangkok E&E have grown continuously. The exhibition venue of a 4,000-square meter in the first year will be expanded to 23,000 this year. It is anticipated that this year’s fair will gather 400 exhibitors who will showcase products at over 1,000 booths and attract over 14,000 traders and visitors from around the world. In 2017, Bangkok RHVAC and Bangkok E&E featured 332 exhibitors from various countries including Asia and Europe and showcased products and services covering 953 exhibition booths. The fair gained a satisfactory success gathering a total of 11,351 visitors from Thailand and overseas. The top three countries with most visitors coming to Bangkok RHVAC 2017 are China, Malaysia and India, and the product groups that gained the main interest of visitors are air-conditioning, equipment parts & materials and refrigerators.

Bangkok RHVAC 2019 and Bangkok E&E 2019 will feature the “ONE STOP SOLUTIONS” theme showcasing its strength as the significant trade fairs featuring the most complete range of relevant products and services and attracting manufacturers, buyers, traders, importers, exporters and key players in the industry from around the world.

Visitors will meet with leading manufacturers of residential and commercial air-conditioning products; big brands with expertise in planning and building cold storage, convenience store and refrigerators; companies with expertise in the compressor for a cooling system; manufacturers of controlling system and materials in the cooling industry as well as leading manufacturers of home appliances/audio and visual appliance, industrial/power supply, IT and OA, lighting, parts/accessories.

A range of exciting activities are prepared including an exhibition of the industry overview featuring Daily Life, Internet of Things and Smart Home presented through interactive multimedia, technical seminars in hot topics such as “Impacts from Fine Particles”, “The World Trend of Refrigeration Industry”, etc., product presentation from leading manufacturers as well as a business matching. Trade days are from 25 -27 September and the event will be open to the public on 28 September, 2019 from 10.00-18.00 hrs at BITEC, Bangkok.