Sunday , November 29 2020
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TCS, Smart Zone case: Customs submits challan against Hamdani, Shakirullah

TCS, Smart Zone case: Customs submits challan against Hamdani, Shakirullah

ISLAMABAD: The Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) has submitted the challan in customs court against TCS CEO Saqib Hamdani and Smart Zone Company owner Shakirullah, declaring them accused of smuggling, in their initial investigations.
As per details, during the hearing of TCS and Smart Zone Company smuggling case in customs court of Islamabad customs judge Muhammad Ahmad Farooqui yesterday, Smart Zone Company owner Shakirullah requested the court to delay the hearing as his lawyer was abroad and unable to proceed the case. However, customs officials has strongly opposed the request and of the view that hearing should not be delayed at any cost. Despite of that opposition from customs officials, court allowed Shakirullah to appear before court on August 26 along with his lawyer. On the other hand court ordered TCS CEO Saqib Hamdani to appear in court on August 11 for the hearing of his request for extended bail.
However, Customs I&I Deputy Director Engineer Shahid Jan was hopeful about their case against culprits that they could not get respite from court.
Sources informed Customs Today that Customs authorities will request judicial remand of culprits on next hearing of court. “Customs officers had prepared the case after intensive investigations and there were chances more chances of punishment by court to culprits,” he added.

After the start of said case a trustworthy source informed Customs Today that the owner of smart zone company Shakirullah was reportedly from Afghanistan and all his business deal were handled by his elder brother Latif. They also have a company in Afghanistan named of Mobile Zone Afghanistan along with the business of Hawala Trading in Spinzar Plaza University town Peshawar.
“They also have mobile zone company in Peshawar Saddar where they deal in smuggled phones and evade billions of tax,” source added.

The source alleged that Shakirullah was also running another company by the name of Green tech (Mobile sales and distribution) and were importing mobile phones without paying any duty or tax.