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Tax evasion: FBR to seize accounts, property of 16 PAT leaders

Tax evasion: FBR to seize accounts, property of 16 PAT leaders

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to take stern action against 16 leaders of Pakistan Awami Tehreek for not submitting tax related documents and details of foreign donations which involves tax evasion of Rs 400 million.
“We have found several million rupees bank transactions through different bank statements but the PAT chief and workers did not bother to file tax returns,” sources in the FBR confirmed to Customs Today.
The Lahore RTO has been investigating the case, has found that the PAT workers allegedly did not pay due tax.
The Federal Board of Revenue has served notices on 16 top PAT leaders for their alleged involvement in Rs 400 million tax evasion and asked them to submit details of foreign donations and charities but despite extension in due date for submission they failed.
A senior FBR officer told Customs Today that Board has served notices under Income Tax Ordinance 2001 section 122 (1) and 122 (5) to PAT workers but they failed to produce documents related to payable tax even FBR has granted extension till July 10.
Later, FBR has approved third extension to PAT leaders till July 18, 2014 to submit details of foreign donations but again they did not submit the documents.
“FBR has issued assessment orders after proper investigations and decided that if PAT workers failed to submit documents, FBR would seize their bank accounts and property.
Sources told that Minhajul Quran HBL bank account # 10-79000672-0545 has witnessed 74,803 euro transaction from Frankfurt during December 2012 to June 2014 and US$ 97,326 in account #10-05010389-0545 during November 2012 to January 2014.
The source also revealed that PAT director finance and close companion of Dr Tahir ul Qadari, Adnan Javed has bought a farm house worth Rs 100.5 million in Lahore with charity money.
The PAT workers nominated in tax evasion by FBR includes, Dr. Tahir ul Qadari, Hassan Mahiudin Qadari, Muhammad Mustafa, Daud Hussain, Fazal Hussain, Hussain Muhiudin, Fazal Hussian s/o Shah Nawaz, Ruhaiq Ahmad Abbasi, Muhammad Mustafa s/o Ahmad, Zahid Fiaz s/o Fiaz Ahmad, Ghazala Hassan Qadari, Manzoor Hussain s/o Ghulam Rasool, Javed Iqbal s/o Muhammad Nawaz, Shahid Latif s/o Muhammad Latif, Rana Jved Majeed, Hafiz Sheikh Amin ud Din, Muhammad Saleem s/o Muhammad Nazir, Muhammad Ahmad, Tanvir Ahmad Sadiqqui, and Muhammad Tahir Arfan s/o Ghulam Mustafa Badar.
The Pakistan Awami Tehrek spokesperson said the PAT workers have regularly filed their tax returns and have their accounts audited by FBR. He said after the June 17 incident in Model Town, the FBR had issued audit notices to the institution Minhajul Quran and workers of Pakistan Awami Tehrek.
He said the notices to PAT workers and its chief were issued as a result of political victimization of Minhajul Quran. He said audit of an educational institution was against FBR’s rules.