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Taiwan’s bananas to be served at Japanese schools

Taiwan’s bananas to be served at Japanese schools

TAIPEI: Taiwan’s bananas will be served at school lunch tables and be available in the supermarkets of eastern Japanese cities starting this November.

The Council of Agriculture (COA) signed an agreement on Wednesday (July 24) with the authorities of Kasama, a city northeast of Tokyo, on promoting dining and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, according to a press statement issued on Wednesday.

Hu Jong-i (胡忠一), director-general of COA’s Agricultural and Food Agency, said Taiwan will export 18 tons of bananas every year to Kasama and its neighboring cities, including Mito and Oarai, beginning from November, reported Liberty Times.

The bananas will be provided to elementary and junior high schools in these cities for students’ lunches and will also be available in local supermarket chains, Hu said.

Hu added that Kasama City will host the golf tournaments of the 2020 Olympic Games, and he looks forward to introducing Taiwan’s fruit to sports delegations from around the world next year.

Mayor of Kasama City Shinki Yamaguchi said the excellent flavor of Taiwan’s bananas is the reason why the city decided to import them. He promised to strongly promote the fruit in his city.

Kasama City has established an office in Taiwan for a year, and it hopes to continue expanding exchanges with Taiwan, Yamaguchi added. The city mayor came to Taiwan for the signing of the agreement. He is accompanied by a number of city councilors, including the city council speaker.

The COA said Taiwan has provided bananas to Japanese schools since 2016 in hopes of promoting one the most popular types of fruit from Taiwan.