Sunday , April 5 2020
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Taiwanese battery maker JS Power seeks partnership in Turkey

Taiwanese battery maker JS Power seeks partnership in Turkey

Taiwanese JS Power is gearing up to launch large-scale production of batteries in Turkey. In search of a company to cooperate and seek production opportunities, the company has so far held talks with Zorlu Holding and Anadolu Group.

Foreign companies, spearheaded by Taiwanese battery manufacturer JS Power, consider investing in Turkey for battery production, one of the technologies that will shape the future all over the world. In a statement to energy news portal Enerji Günlüğü, the company’s CEO Ann Wong commented on their ongoing projects and activities, saying JS Power, a battery producing company based in Taiwan, focuses on lithium-ion technology. Noting that the batteries they produce are used in mobile phones, tablets and computers, electronic devices such as electric bicycles and electric vehicles, robots, drones, and base stations, Wong stressed that more batteries would be needed in the future for 5G. “And now we produce batteries for popular energy storage applications,” she added.

Touching on their goals for the Turkish market, Wong said they arrived in Turkey for the first time as the company. “We are here for the industrial battery business. Turkey imports batteries from other countries. Industrial batteries are very heavy and therefore extremely difficult to transport. We are now looking for a company to cooperate in Turkey. We want to bring the parts to Turkey and assemble them here,” she stressed.

Wong further explained their plans for Turkey. “We have scooter batteries, data center batteries, and 5G batteries. So, we have a large portfolio of lithium-ion batteries,” Wong continued. “However, we are currently focusing on the electric vehicle battery and the batteries for energy storage.”

Wong recalled that they met with two major Turkish companies in need of batteries, namely Anadolu Group and Zorlu Energy. Pointing to the huge volume in the Turkish market due to the battery requirement in many applications, Wong said Zorlu Group (Vestel) makes mobile phones in Turkey and buys batteries from other countries, China in particular. “As Taiwan, we hope to get the opportunity to do business with Turkey. There are many companies, and their products need batteries. I hope we will have the opportunity to cooperate here, which will lead to a win-win outcome,” she added.

The CEO of JS Power expressed their wish to bring the cells and other materials needed for battery production to Turkey and find a company that can mount them here. “And I hope that soon Turkey can say ‘we have produced them here’ and put the Made in Turkey mark on these products,” she said, highlighting that 20 years ago, her country also imported batteries from Japan and Korea.