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Taiwan makers’ shipments of LCD TVs reach 9.26m in Q3 of 2015

TAIPEI: Taiwan makers’ shipments of LCD TVs reached 9.26 million in the third quarter of 2015, up 16.6% on quarter, according to Digitimes Research.The makers benefited from TV developments from Toshiba and Xiaomi, and also saw orders increase from various customers to meet peak demand.

Shipments to customers in the US increased but orders to Mexico where makers were previously benefiting from government-sponsored orders were on the decline causing overall shipments to North America to remain flat in the third quarter. Approximately 45% of the makers’ shipments went to North America during the quarter.

Taiwan makers’ shipments to Asia and Europe account for 28.8% and 22% respectively during the third quarter while 50-inch and above size units accounted for a 24.3% share. Due to the decline in Mexico, 32-inch and below size TVs held a 15% share.

TPV and Foxconn Electronics held the top spots in terms of overall shipments while Compal fell to third place. Wistron saw its position move from third to fifth. Heading into the fourth quarter, Taiwan makers’ shipments will increase 2.2% to 9.49 million, and shipments are expcted to reach 33.59 million for 2015, down 5% on year, added Digitimes Research.

reach 9.26m in Q3 of 2015 Taiwan makers' shipments of LCD TVs 2015-10-29
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