Thursday , November 26 2020
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Taiwan IC revenue grows 3.3% to $18.9bn

Taiwan IC revenue grows 3.3% to $18.9bn

TAIPEI: According to the TSIA that Taiwan IC revenue of Q3 2015 as a whole (including design, manufacturing, packaging and testing) totaled NT$574.3 billion(US$18.9B), 3.3% growth on-quarter and down 2.4% on-year.

In the individual category, is NT$156.2B in design, 11.8% increase on-quarter and up 0.8% on-year; NT$305.9B in manufacturing,0.2% rise on-quarter and down 1.8% on-year; NT$252.4B in foundry, 1.3% growth on-quarter and up 3.5% on year and NT$53.5B; in memory, 0.5% decrease on-quarter and down 21.1% on-year; NT$78.7B in packaging, 1.2% growth on-quarter and down 6.9% on-year; and NT$33.5B in testing, 1.5% increase on-quarter and down 10.2% on-year.

The IEK of ITRI expected that Taiwan IC revenue in 2015 will reach NT$2,244.4B, 1.9% growth from 2014.