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Man and dog best friend from the past, study

EUROPE: Scientists studying the special relationship between humans and canines have made the discovery that cavemen who lived on Earth up to 40,000 years ago may have kept them as pets — or at the very least, guard dogs. Researchers at the Swedish Museum of Natural History found that an ancient Taimyr wolf bone, found beneath a frozen cliff in ... Read More »

Yogurt has no positive health effects, study

CANADA: The research team from the Autonomous University of Madrid has found that yogurt doesn’t have a positive effect on health even though the dairy product has been highly recommended for years. The study is published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietrics in which researchers evaluated the link between yogurt intake and mental and physical improvements ... Read More »

Bone-eating worms have exists for 100m yrs, study

WASHINGTON: A new study has shed new light on the nature of ‘zombie worms’ — bone-eating creatures that were thought to have evolved alongside whales. Researchers at the University of Plymouth have discovered the worms — called Osedax — date back to prehistoric times when they fed on the carcasses of massive marine reptiles. It’s believed these ‘zombie worms’ evolved ... Read More »

Just like our planet earth, sun also experiences variation of seasons, study

BRENT: Just like our planet earth, the sun also experiences a variation of seasons, as per a study conducted by NCAR (Nation Centre for Atmospheric Research), in order to get to know about the Sun in a more elaborate manner which could in turn provide a lot of insights about the solar activities and wind patterns. However, while planet earth ... Read More »

Dogs may become vital part for cancer diagnoses in future, study

HONG KONG: Researchers from the Department of Urology at the Humanitas Clinical and Research Center in Milan found that pups have a success rate greater than 90 percent with detecting prostate cancer, The Independent reported. For the study, two German shepherds sniffed the urine of 900 men. Of the samples, 360 had prostate cancer and 540 didn’t. Both dogs were ... Read More »

Brain scans may identify concussion-related disease, study

FRANCE: According to a latest study conducted by the NorthShore Neurological Institute, Illinois, a brain scanning approach can be used to find out about the people suffering from concussions in the sport of football or others. The ailment called CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy is, as of now, only detectable posthumously. During the research, the scan of 14 retired football ... Read More »

Climate change damages marine life, study

MEXICO: Researchers at UC Davis believe the serious damage is being done to Earth, and its marine life thanks to climate change. The human impact that is being had on Earth and climate change were at the center of a study which revealed just how long and profoundly those impacts could be felt moving forward. Researchers warned that the damage ... Read More »

Tyrannosaur family now thought to resort Cannibalism, study

WASHINGTON: A new study in Canada has shown that tyrannosaurs, the family in which the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex belongs to, may have indulged in a bit of cannibalism. Researchers studied the skull of a Daspletosaurus and discovered numerous injuries inflicted during its life and death. A genus of tyrranosaur, the Daspletosaurus, is smaller than the T. rex but still, the ... Read More »

Sun experiences seasonal changes just like Earth, study

WASHINGTON: A new study has found that just like the Earth, our Sun experiences seasonal changes which scientists believe can now help them better predict solar storms. The Sun goes through a type of seasonal variability with its activing waxing and waning over the course of almost two years, according to the study published in Nature Communication and conducted by ... Read More »

Tarantulas become clumsy, uncoordinated in heat, study

EALING: Spiders are interesting creatures. They don’t rely solely on their muscles to move. They rather use a combination of hydraulics and muscle coordination to get around. Muscles flex their many legs and hydraulic pressure extends them. This adaptation allows spiders to be excellent leapers. Some can jump more than 50 times their body length because of the way they ... Read More »

Dark matter: New culprit for extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago

HARROW: A scientist has pointed towards a new culprit for the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. The scientist has also given warning that the strange force may be about to hit again. It has been suggested by biology professor Michael Rampino of New York University that mysterious, invisible ‘dark matter’ could have been reason behind disappearance of ... Read More »

Termites mounds have ability to slow down desertification of environment, study

AFRICA:  A new study shows that termites have ability to slow down the process of desertification of environments. The study was published in the journal Science. Usually termites are viewed as a pest but this study shows that they slow down the spread of deserts into dry lands. They do that by providing a moist refuge for vegetation on as ... Read More »

British govt launches study to boost maritime indutry

LONDON:  The British government launched a study aiming at how to boost British multi-billion pound maritime industry.The study, scheduled to report in summer 2015, was expected to make recommendations that could benefit ship financing, maritime education, research and technology, according to the Department for Transport. “The UK maritime sector is a great success story,” said shipping and ports minster John ... Read More »

Global wealth rockets to $263 trillion in one year

GENEVA: The total world wealth has increased by 8.3pc to $263 trillion during the one year as distribution of wealth has become gradually unequal. According to Credit Suisse report, the total domestic wealth has more than doubled since the beginning of the millennium, when it stood at just $117 trillion. The study, which comprises the wealth holdings of 4.7 billion ... Read More »

FBR takes exception to misuse of SRO 77(I)2013 by sugar sector

KARACHI: Taking strong exception to serious irregularities in collection of sales tax, Federal Excise Duty (FED) and income tax from sugar sector, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has directed the Large Taxpayer Units (LTUs) and Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) to act on the report of Directorate General Audit, Inland-Revenue (South), Karachi. According to reports, the sugar sector has committed ... Read More »