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Jordanian exports to Netherlands stands JD16m in 2014

AMMAN: Jordan’s commerce and industry chiefs recently sought enhanced relations with the Netherlands.  During meetings in Amsterdam with represintatives of Rotterdam chambers of commerce and industry, Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) President Issa Murad and Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) President Ziad Homsi discussed ways to enhance commercial and investment ties. The talks addressed many issues of mutual interest that ... Read More »

Resurgent vegetation sucks 4 billion tons of carbon from air

HONG KONG: Nearly four billion tonnes of additional carbon have been taken out of the atmosphere in the past decade as the planet’s plant cover has expanded, according to satellite data. But that’s still less than 7 per cent of total carbon emissions of 60 billion tonnes over the same period. The change has been attributed to reforestation projects in ... Read More »

Scientists discover process to see through opaque materials using light

WASHINGTON: A team of scientists at the University of Twente in the Netherlands have reportedly discovered a way to see through opaque barriers by recording wavelengths from visible light. After shooting the light, the team then reassembled scattered light that passed through the opaque material to create a usable image of what is one the other side. The project was ... Read More »

Global rating agency Fitch confirms AAA rating for Netherlands

AMSTERDAM: Global rating agency Fitch suggested that the AAA rating of the Netherlands was confirmed, the Dutch economy this year shows a slow recovery after the contraction of the last two years. Fitch expects the Dutch economy this year with 1.2 percent growth. Hence the CRA is slightly less optimistic than before. The Netherlands is classified unchanged by Fitch in the ... Read More »

Netherlands, Nigeria sign agreement on non-oil-goods trade

AMSTERDAM: Dr. Taco Westerhuis is the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nigeria. Responsible for trade and investment relations between both countries, he works from the Lagos Office of the Embassy. Before his posting to Nigeria, Westerhuis was in charge of West Africa relations at the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs. ... Read More »

Belgium, Germany, France and Netherlands shrink wage gap to 2.9%

BRUSSELS: The wage gap between Belgium and its three biggest neighbours, Germany, France and the Netherlands has been reduced to 2.9 percent in the past two years. The following two years 2013–2014 saw a 25 percent drop to 2.9 percent, it turns out. The improvement is due to the fact that wages in for example Germany saw a faster increase ... Read More »

Netherlands, Curacao to avoid double taxation from 2016

AMSTERDAM: The Dutch Ministry of Finance announced that a new regulation for the avoidance of double taxation between the Netherlands and Curacao is expected to be effective beginning 1 January 2016. In anticipation of the new tax regulation, the Netherlands is extending measures provided to Curacao in previous years, concerning the Dutch corporate income tax rules on the taxation of ... Read More »

Sri Lanka kicks off first industrial chemical technical sessions

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has started its first ever industrial chemical technical sessions and a top team from the Hague’s (Netherlands) OPCW- which conducted widely publicised Syrian chemical weapon inspections in October 2013–is here to upgrade Sri Lanka’s industrial chemical expertise to the next level. Ms Grace Asirwatham (the Lankan born Deputy Director General of the Organization for the Prohibition of ... Read More »

Netherlands launches 1,700 euros intelligent bicycle to bring down accident rate

AMSTERDAM: The Netherlands has launched its first-ever “intelligent bicycle”, fitted with an array of electronic devices to help bring down the high accident rate among elderly cyclists in the bicycle-mad country. Developed for the government by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the intelligent bicycle prototype runs on electricity, and sports a forward-looking radar mounted below the handlebars ... Read More »

39 foreign drugs traffickers held in first 9 months: ANF  

  ISLAMABAD: Some 39 drug foreigner drugs smugglers hailing from Far East Asian, South Asian, European and African countries had been held by the Anti Narcotics Force from January to mid September this year. A UN report in 2012 stated that Pakistan could be free of poppy cultivation, but the country still provided a vital transit route for smuggling of ... Read More »

Dutch cattle to graze in Pakistan after 11 yrs

LAHORE: Cattle trade between Pakistan and Netherlands restored after 11 years after a protocol agreement between the two governments. The trade relaxation will provide Pakistan’s dairy sector a high standard Dutch cattle market, as the Netherlands are the cradle of the famous Holstein Friesian cow, and have perfected this healthy and fertile breed over the centuries. Dutch Holstein Frisian cows ... Read More »

New vistas open up as Dutch lifts ban from cattle trade

ISLAMABAD: After more than a decade, the Dutch government has decided to lift import restrictions for Pakistan. As per details, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority formally announced lifting cattle import restrictions for Pakistan. According to the Dutch Embassy spokesman, both the countries have agreed on a protocol to resume trade after 11 years. The availability of world-class ... Read More »

Foreigners invited to invest in agriculture sector

ISLAMABAD: The speakers at International Investment Conference have been offered to invest in the agricultural sector as it is the most promising sector for investments. The conference was organized by the Board of Investment to highlighting the investment opportunities and to urge the foreign investors to explore untapped potential of the country More than 350 delegations from all over the ... Read More »

Pakistan future hub of trade, commerce in Asia: Ahsan

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal said that Pakistan was a future hub of trade, commerce and industry in Asia as it was located in that of the continent. “It is the best time for the foreign investors to invest in Pakistan as the country is rapidly developing and it is becoming stable and peaceful”, he ... Read More »

Nawaz welcomes 350 delegates on int’l trade moot

ISLAMABAD: With participation of 350 delegates, an international moot titled “Invest Pakistan: priority sectors and legal framework for investment in the country” will start here today. The event will highlight Pakistan’s investment regime and opportunities for investors in different economic fields. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will inaugurate the two-day conference. The Board of Investment is organising the moot to show Pakistan’s ... Read More »

600 tonnes meat disguised as chewing gum seized in Russia

MOSCOW: Russian customs officers have seized about 600 tonnes of banned meat from Europe disguised as chewing gum and other items. The Customs officials have found the smuggled meat in refrigerated containers shipped from Antwerp, Hamburg and Rotterdam. According to Russia’s agricultural safety agency, the officials searched about 26 refrigerated containers apparently containing frozen mushrooms, juice, fruit jellies and chewing ... Read More »

Apple accused of sealing illicit tax dealings in Ireland

BRUSSELS: The US tech giant, Apple, has been accused of illicit tax dealings and tax evasion in Ireland. The European Union (EU) is set to unveil its investigation, in which Apple enjoyed a low rate of less than 2 per cent through tax deals in Ireland and got an unfair competitive advantage. The EU launched an investigation in June into ... Read More »