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Pakistan Stocks show positive trend in early trading

KARACHI: Trading started with a positive note on the first day of the week at Pakistan Stock Exchange after it closed bearish on Friday at 39,049.08. After midday, the KSE 100-Index surged to 39,386.36, showing a change of 0.8563%. Once the market soared to its high point of 39,504.49 and then came back to 39,386.36. On Friday, after a brief open ... Read More »

PSX bleeds as KSE-100 Index drops over 1,300pts to 10-month low

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday nosedived to a 10-month low as political and economic uncertainty drove investor sentiment, leading to panic selling. The benchmark KSE-100 Share index plunged 3.39% to below 38,000 points after shedding 1,328 points. This was the largest single-day fall in the last 14 months, dragging the index down to its lowest level in 10 ... Read More »

PSX adds 350pts till midday

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) added 350 points to take the tally to 40225 till midday on Friday. On Thursday, the PSX continued in the green with the benchmark KSE-100 Index gaining 288 points to close at 39,875 points. Market participation took a step back with volume and value down 18.33 per cent and 12.74 per cent respectively, amid ... Read More »

Closing: KSE 100-index sheds 270pts or 0.78% due to volatile session

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index lost 270.17 points or 0.78 percent to reach 34456.34 points and volume of 177,480,940 shares on Tuesday. Earlier, the KSE took a good start again and added 47.21 points to reach 34773.72 points level, with the total volume of 23,834,340 shares. On Monday, the KSE closed above 34,700 points mainly due to positive ... Read More »

Closing: KSE dips deep losing 640pts or 1.79% on profit-taking by traders

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index lost 639.71 points or 1.79 percent to reach 35175.49 points and volume of 164,796,370 shares on first day of trading, Monday. Earlier, the KSE started week with negative note as KSE-100 index lost 36.08 points to drop to 35779.12 points in early trading. On Friday, stocks closed bearish amid 8 year record high ... Read More »

KSE surpasses 34,600 points on 5th bullish day

ISLAMABAD: Karachi Stock Exchange recorded bullish trade for fifth straight day on Friday as institutional investors remained on the buying side as part of the post-budget bullish rally which has injected over 600 points into the main index. The benchmark KSE 100-Index gained 0.16 percent or 56.59 points to 34,651.29 points on Friday when compared with 34,594.70 points on Thursday. ... Read More »

Closing: KSE slumps 418pts, down 1.22% losing 34,000 status on political uproar

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index lost 417.57 points or 1.22 percent to reach 33786.42 points and volume of 212,571,220 shares on Thursday. Snapping the minor gain of 5.48 points or 0.02 percent during early trade, the benchmark KSE-100 Index plummeted to 33841.81 points by losing 362.18 or 1.06 percent till mid trading. Falling international oil prices, mid earnings ... Read More »

Closing rates of Karachi Stock Exchange

KARACHI: The closing rates of shares at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) issued on Friday Oil and Gas: Attock Petrol.                     537.88 Attock Refinery                  195.89 Burshane LPG XD                59.61 Byco Petroleum                   9.42 Hascol Petrol.                      98.13 Mari Petroleum                   602.91 National Refin                      203.81 Oil & Gas Devel                    210.94 P.S.O.                                     375.62 Pak Oilfields                          366.03 Pak Petroleum                      170.48 Pak Refinery                          158.38 Shell Pakistan                        267.37   Chemicals: ... Read More »

Hurray! KSE scales 34,000pts level; up 257pts, 0.76% to climb up to 34044pts level

KARACHI: Buoyant stocks made another history as benchmark mark KSE 100-index scaled the landmark 34044.29 points level, going up 257.85 points or 0.76 percent in early trading on Monday, ahead of the monetary policy statement by State Bank of expected on Jan 24. Buoyed at the expected cut in policy rate of 50-100bps, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) cheered ... Read More »

Stocks tumble as 100-index narrows gains; down to 33800pts level

KARACHI: Stocks tumbled to lose half of early gains to fall to 33800.64 with the benchmark KSE 100-index still intact 35.03 points or 0.10 percent till midday trading on Friday. The market, however, appeared confident and seemed positive with investors exercising caution as it is the last trading in the market. There were bulls roaring in Karachi Stock Exchange as ... Read More »

KSE roars with cheers as 100-index gains 70pt, 0.21pc to scale 33,835pts; marching on 34,000pts level

KARACHI: Bulls continued to roar in Karachi Stock Exchange as benchmark 100-index extended overnight buoyancy, gaining 70.06 points or 0.21 percent to reach another all-time high of 33835.67 points in early trading on Friday. Eyes are now up on another milestone of 34,000 points mark as the prevailing market tendency points to this direction. The market opened at the overnight ... Read More »

Bull-run rally continues as KSE 100-index consolidates gains to 292pts, 0.87% to stay at 33878pts

KARACHI: Buoyant Karachi Stock Exchange continued bull-run rally as benchmark 100-index consolidated gains to 292.98 point or 0.87 percent to take tally to 33878.73 points till midday trading on Thursday. Keeping in view the buoyancy tendency, it seem the market will scale 34,000 points mark before end of the current trade week. The stocks kept flying high, staging a grand ... Read More »

Another record in the making as index up 306pt, 0.91% to rise to 33,893pts; nears to 34,000pt mark

KARACHI: Buoyant stocks kept flying high, staging a grand rally to boost benchmark KSE 100-index to an all-time high at 33,893.56 points with 306.81 points or 0.91 percent gains on its journey to another milestone of 34,000 points mark in early trading, ahead of monetary policy and expected discount rate cut by the State Bank on Thursday. The bulls dominated ... Read More »

Bulls keep KSE afloat as 100-index gains 111.56pts, 0.33% to stay at 33482pts

KARACHI: Buoyed up by bull-run, stocks remained steady though benchmark KSE 100-index lost some of early gains, it remained at 33482.85 points level, with 111.56 points or 0.33% till midday trading on Wednesday. The bulls helped the Karachi Stock Exchange recouped overnight losses and boosted confidence of the investors. The benchmark 100-index gained 149.45 points or 0.45 percent to rise ... Read More »

Bulls return to recoup losses as KSE rises 149pt, 0.45% to 33520pts; eyes 34,000pts mark

KARACHI: Bulls returned to Karachi Stock Exchange to recoup overnight losses as benchmark 100-index gained 149.45 points or 0.45 percent to rise 33520.74 points in early trading on Wednesday. On Tuesday the market closed in negative zone driven down by oil exploration companies as index heavy weight OGDC (-2.98pc) and PPL (-2.42pc) came off on global oil prices hitting five ... Read More »

Bears run through stocks as KSE sheds 181pts, 0.54pc; down to 33237pts

KARACHI: Stocks plummet, extending losses as benchmark KSE 100-index lost 181.15 points or 0.54 percent to fall to 33237.05 points till midday trading on Tuesday. The buoyancy turned negative and the market failed to recoup overnight gains as benchmark shed 41.50 points, 0.12 percent to fall 33376.96 points in early trading. The market opened at overnight closing of 33418.30 points ... Read More »

Buoyancy turns negative as KSE falls 41pts, 0.12pc to 33376pt; still on way to 34,000pts level

KARACHI: Stocks turned negative on Tuesday and failed to recoup at the overnight buoyancy as benchmark KSE 100-index shed 41.50 points, 0.12 percent to fall 33376.96 points in early trading. The market opened at the overnight closing of 33418.30 points level and fell. Although there was buoyancy, it turned sluggish and the index fell below to red zone, losing 41 ... Read More »

34,000 level seems not far as KSE consolidates gains to 91pts, 0.27pc to rise to 33416pts

KARACHI: The stocks seem to have committed scaling ever-high 34,000 points level as Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index consolidated gains to 91.22 points or 0.27 percent to climb up to 33416.04 points in the midday trading on Monday. The bull-run kept the market afloat with the index continued upward march to new historic high after achieving new milestones. The KSE ... Read More »

Buoyant KSE eyes at 34,000 mark as 100-index up 54pts, 0.16pc to reach 33379pts

KARACHI: Bull-run kept stocks continued upward march as benchmark KSE 100-index extended gains, adding another 54.75 points or 0.16 percent to take the tally to all-time high of 33379.57 points in early trading on Monday. The Karachi Stock Exchange opened at the overnight closing 33324.82 points and appeared confidence, attracting more and more investment. There was buoyancy and bull-run in ... Read More »

Bull-run keeps KSE sails high; gains 183pt, 0.55pc to reach 33300pts

KARACHI: Bull-run continued to take the stocks to new highs after scaling record high of 33,000 points as Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index added another 183.06 points or 0.55 percent to climb up to 33300.53 points in early trading on Friday. Though it is Friday, the last working day of the trading week, yet the sentiment are high and the ... Read More »