Monday , March 1 2021
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Hurray! KSE scales 34,000pts level; up 257pts, 0.76% to climb up to 34044pts level

KARACHI: Buoyant stocks made another history as benchmark mark KSE 100-index scaled the landmark 34044.29 points level, going up 257.85 points or 0.76 percent in early trading on Monday, ahead of the monetary policy statement by State Bank of expected on Jan 24. Buoyed at the expected cut in policy rate of 50-100bps, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) cheered ... Read More »

34,000 level seems not far as KSE consolidates gains to 91pts, 0.27pc to rise to 33416pts

KARACHI: The stocks seem to have committed scaling ever-high 34,000 points level as Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index consolidated gains to 91.22 points or 0.27 percent to climb up to 33416.04 points in the midday trading on Monday. The bull-run kept the market afloat with the index continued upward march to new historic high after achieving new milestones. The KSE ... Read More »

Buoyant KSE eyes at 34,000 mark as 100-index up 54pts, 0.16pc to reach 33379pts

KARACHI: Bull-run kept stocks continued upward march as benchmark KSE 100-index extended gains, adding another 54.75 points or 0.16 percent to take the tally to all-time high of 33379.57 points in early trading on Monday. The Karachi Stock Exchange opened at the overnight closing 33324.82 points and appeared confidence, attracting more and more investment. There was buoyancy and bull-run in ... Read More »

Passions run high as KSE gains another 179pts, up 0.55% to 32659pts in journey to 33,000pts

KARACHI: Fueled by bull-run, Karachi Stock Exchange continued to cheer up as benchmark 100-index gained another 179.54 points or 0.55 percent to reach all-time-high of 32659.89 points, rekindling hope for 33,000 threshold in midday trading on Friday. There prevails buoyancy in the market as benchmark KSE 100-index kept on moving upward steadily towards making a new history of crossing 33,000 ... Read More »

Buoyant KSE crosses new high of 32609pt; gains 128pt, 0.40% on way to 33,000pt

KARACHI: Stocks extended buoyancy and kept on moving upward steadily as benchmark KSE 100-index added another 128.69 percent or 0.40 percent to reach 32609.04 points in early trading on Friday. The Karachi Stock exchange opened at the overnight closing of 32480.35 points on a bullish note and appeared confident, strengthening its journey towards new highs of 33,000 points. The market ... Read More »

Stocks up 24pts, 0.08%; eyes 33,000pts amid PTI ‘shutdown’ call

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange remained buoyant in its record-shattering journey as benchmark KSE-100 index added another 24.82 percent or 0.08 percent to the weekend closing of 32151.70 points to reach 32173.60 points in early trading on Monday. The market started the new trading week on a positive noted and appeared confident, setting eyes on another all-time high of 33,000 ... Read More »

Opening: Steady stocks keep on cheering as KSE-100 gains another 75 points

KARACHI: Stocks remained steady as bullish trend kept KSE-100 index ticking upwards, adding another 75 points or 0.24 percent to the overnight closing of 31,303 points to graze at 31,378 points in early trading on Wednesday. The market opened on the overnight positive note and stayed buoyant, keeping confidence of the traders high. The Karachi Stock Exchange appears to have ... Read More »

Cheering KSE climbs up highest-ever 31,000pts, gains 324pts

KARACHI: Buoyant Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) kept on cheering as benchmark KSE 100-Index crossed highest-ever psychological barrier of 31,000 points to climb up to 31254 points, gaining 324.32 points or 1.05 percent in early trading on Monday. The market opened at the weekend closing of 30912 points and continued upward march, setting the pace for trading. It was beginning of ... Read More »