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Syed Shabbar Zaidi appointed honorary chairman of FBR for 2 years

Syed Shabbar Zaidi appointed honorary chairman of FBR for 2 years

ISLAMABAD: The PTI government has appointed Syed Shabbar Zaidi as honorary chairman of the FBR and notification has been issued in this regard. Shabbar Zaidi has been appointed honorary FBR Chairman for two years. As an honorary chairman, he will have full authority and powers but he will work without any salary or privileges.


Customs Today yet again broke the news of FBR Chairman’s appointment. On May 6, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced appointment of Syed Shabbar Zaidi as chairperson of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The prime minister made the announcement during a conversation with senior media persons in the federal capital.

Earlier, the newly-appointed Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Shabbar Zaidi called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss the country’s economic situation and several other affairs. The meeting that took place at the Prime Minister’s House was also attended by Adviser to PM on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. Matters related to tax collection and recommendations for the betterment of the tax collection system were discussed in the meeting. The prime minister apprised Zaidi of his vision pertaining to reforms in the country’s revenue authority.

Syed Shabbar Zaidi, a member Board of Trustees Karachi Education Initiative, the parent body of KSBL, had served as Minister of Finance in the Sindh Caretaker Govt. Mr. Zaidi – a Chartered Accountant by profession and partner, A.F. Ferguson and Co. has a distinguished record of achievements to his credit.

He was Past President, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and South Asian Federation of Accountants and former Chairman, Professional Standard and Technical Advisory Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

His current responsibilities include being Chairman of the Taxation Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan; Member, Developing Nations Committee of International Federation of Accountants; Member, Central Audit Committee of Board of State Bank of Pakistan; Senior Member of the Task Force for Reform of Tax Administration (2000); Advisor, Corporate Rehabilitation Committee of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, and Trustee, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).

Syed Shabbar Zaidi has also authored many books, including ‘Panama Leaks – A Blessing in Disguise, Offshore Assets of Pakistani Citizens, A Journey for Clarity and Pakistan- Not a Failed State.

Earlier, Ahmed Mujtaba was nominated for the slot but his notification was withheld at last time and the matter was sent to a parliamentary committee for review. Three names were forwarded to the committee for review. Syed Shabbar Zaidi was one of the strongest candidates for the slot.