Thursday , February 20 2020
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Supreme Court ban on 2000 cc diesel cars stays

Supreme Court ban on 2000 cc diesel cars stays

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Saturday adjourned hearing on the plea of automobile giants pleading to allow registration of diesel cars of more than 2000cc in Delhi NCR. The ban on registration of diesel vehicles will continue till further orders.

In a stringent dictat to the stakeholders involved in causing vehicular pollution in the NCR region, the Supreme Court, in December, had imposed a ban on the registration of diesel-run vehicles of the capacity of 2000 CC, which was later extended up to April 30.

While hearing the plea, the Supreme Court questioned the Transport Ministry’s efforts in curbing pollution in the country, and slammed the ministry for not taking up initiative for dealing with the menace of pollution.

It said, “you woke up from deep slumber only after court passed order”.

The court said that no more debate is needed whether diesel vehicles are more polluting than petrol cars. The Supreme Court is looking at a levy of environmental cess on all diesel vehicle registrations.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear the industry’s plea on installing catalytic convertors in diesel vehicles. Petitioners said that installation of catalytic convertors will help in reducing emission of particulate matter.