Friday , March 5 2021
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Spanish police seize 900kg cocaine

Spanish police seize 900kg cocaine

MADRID: The Spanish National Police seized 900 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia, hidden in an alleged container of fruits that arrived at the port of Algeciras, in the southern Andalusian city of Cadiz, said sources today.

The drug was hidden inside boxes of bananas, said in a statement issued by the Tax Agency from the Ministry of Finance, the officials of which (from the Customs Security) participated in the operation along with the Civil Guard.

In the operation, three members of an organization involved in drug trafficking from South America to Spain were arrested.

They pretended to carry out a lawful business activity based on imports of fruits from that region, and for that reason they had a company, headquartered in Seville (Andalusia), used as a cover, said the source.

Along with the Spanish Police and the Tax Agency, the operation was joined by the intelligence units against drug trafficking from France and Ecuador, said the official statement.