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Skype’s alternatives Tox, Slack, Viber and WeChat provide IM and video calls

Skype’s alternatives Tox, Slack, Viber and WeChat provide IM and video calls

NEW YORK: Skype utilization has not become normal and convenient yet despite Microsoft handling the matter. In fact no major changes have been made and there are still problems with video calls, messaging, international use and synchronizing across devices.

Those experiencing these problems can try out alternatives that offer video calling and instant messaging services. While there is no assurance that they are better than Skype, they are worth a try.

There are many dangers lurking on the internet chief among them is privacy breaches. Tox has taken this into consideration and as such provides full control over your chats by using strong encryption. Tox services are easy to use and free, but the most important is security thanks to the encryption. It offers general messenger services like file sharing, profile photos, video and phone calls and emoticons.  This application only allows you to call those who have the app installed and is absolutely free of charge.

Slack is quite different from the rest of the apps as it offers an open platform. It makes use of third party applications for its functionality and it serves as a central communication platform. Sharing of files is possible via Dropbox or Google Drive but the chat function is inbuilt. You can share and view real-time web analytics via Data Dog or Go Squared. Google Hangouts and Intercom are used for video and voice calls.

The application has a search option that enables you to type a key word and find out what is being talked about in that conversation. Slack is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Tagging friends is quite easy because of the auto complete feature that completes your friends’ names.

Another good alternative to Skype is Viber.  Initially, it was a Voice over IP service that enabled users to make direct calls to each other. However, you can now make both voice and video calls to users worldwide at no charge at all. You can chat with your friends who have the application for free and it has amazing stickers that make the conversations more lively and interesting to the users.

WeChat is like a mash up of many social applications like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This application that was developed in China has also risen to become a top alternative to IM applications like Skype. WeChat users are able to post photographs on their walls just like on Facebook and even directly share pictures and videos. The application is loaded with exciting applications like shake that allows users to find other users in their locality and start random chats.