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Shipping activity at Port Qasim on Feb 23
Container ships wait to be unloaded at the Port of Oakland on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, in Oakland, Calif. The U.S. trade deficit rose in January to the highest level since October 2008, defying President Donald Trump's efforts to bring more balance to America's trade with the rest of the world, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Shipping activity at Port Qasim on Feb 23

KARACHI: Four ships, MSC Heidi, Sphene, Gas Athena and Maritime Tuntiga carrying Container, Petroleum gas and Palm oil were arranged berthing at Container Terminal, Chemicals Terminal and Liquid Terminal respectively during last 24 hours.

Meanwhile four more ships, Maersk Sea Barok, MSC Asya, Zhou Shan Hai and Harriet-P carrying Containers, Coal and Soya bean also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during the same period.

Ten ships were occupied at PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Rice, Coal, Soya bean, Palm Kernel and Palm oil respectively during last 24 hours, out of them, three ships, MSC Heidi, Sphene and MSC Lilou sailed out to sea on Tuesday morning, and three more ships, Ocean Rider, Gull Wing and Sphene are expected to sail from MW-1, MW-2 and QICT on same day (today) in the afternoon.

A cargo volume of 150,742 tonnes, comprising 71,118 tonnes imports cargo and 79,624 tonnes export cargo, inclusive of containerized cargo carried in 5,808 Containers (1,856 TEUs imports and 3,952 TEUs export ), was handled at the port during last 24 hours.

A total of ten ships are currently at Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim and waiting for berths, out of them seven ships Maersk Sea Barok, MSC Asya, Diyala, Vantage Rider, Solar Ailene, Zhou Shan Hai and Ummbab scheduled to load/offload Containers, Rice, Palm oil, Coal and Natural gas are expected take berths at QICT, MW-2, MW-1, PIBT and PGPCL respectively on Tuesday.