Friday , June 5 2020
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SHC disposes of plea against sale, manufacture of ‘faulty bomb detectors’

SHC disposes of plea against sale, manufacture of ‘faulty bomb detectors’

KARACHI: A two-member bench of the Sindh High Court (SHC), comprising Justice Mazhar and Justice Agha Faisal disposed of the plea pertaining to the manufacture and sale of Khoji, an allegedly defective bomb detector, by the Airport Security Force (ASF). The ASF submitted its reply before the court.

The plea maintained that ASF has made a bomb detector named Khoji, which they are selling for Rs70,000.

According to the petitioner, experts have declared the detector to be incapable of performing its function. These detectors are being given to various airports, in other sensitive areas and several private organisations, stated the petition, praying the court to prevent the sale and manufacture of such detectors, which have been termed as dangerous for human lives.

The petition further states that the detector was earlier being manufactured in Britain, but it has now been banned. According to the petition, a court in Britain declared that the inventor of this device was cruel and was inflicting danger on human lives.

Golf ball detectors, worth $20 each, were being sold in Iraq at the price of £5,000 each, and thousands of lives were lost due to the use of fake technology, it added. The petition maintained that defected detectors were being made in Pakistan using the same fake technology.

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According to the ASF response, submitted before the court, none of the agencies that have bought Khoji have complained about its quality.

The petitioner’s counsel, Advocate Abdul Moiz Jaffery, argued that the process of preparing Khoji was fraudulent. He argued that the country’s airports and shopping malls are not secure due to Khoji. The court inquired whether the petitioner had an alternative security tool to suggest. At this, the petitioner’s counsel said that sniffer dogs are used all over the world.

How will such large numbers of sniffer dogs be acquired to replace bomb detector devices, asked the bench.  The plea against the allegedly faulty bomb detector was disposed of.