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Sharifs presented fake money trail in corruption cases, NAB court told

ISLAMABAD: As the prosecution presented its final arguments against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in Al-Azizia reference on Thursday, it claimed that the Sharif family presented fake money trail in corruption cases.

Accountability Judge Arshad Malik resumed the hearing of reference filed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against former PM.

Wasiq Malik, the NAB prosecutor, told the court that Al-Azizia corruption reference can be traced back to the Panamagate scandal which was heard by the Supreme Court. “The case should be heard under the special law because it is a white collar crime,” Malik said.

He further told the court that former prime minister could not present any explanation before Supreme Court, Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and NAB. “The former premier admitted to these assets before the top court for the first time,” the prosecutor said, adding that the accused were given every opportunity to defend themselves but they remained unable to satisfy the court.

“Nawaz held public office and his children own assets worth billions of rupees, hence, the question remains, how these assets were acquired?” he asked.

Continuing his arguments, Malik said that evidence proved that former PM has links with these assets and he earned profit worth over a billion. “97 per cent of the profit from Hill Metal Establishment was sent back to Pakistan, even when profit was less; more money was sent back to the country,” he mentioned.

Upon this, the court asked whether this mentioned amount is still in the bank, to which Malik answered that the assets were not frozen and now a very little amount is present in the account.

On November 19, the Supreme Court gave another extension of three weeks to the accountability court for the completion of Al-Azizia reference.

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