Thursday , November 26 2020
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Security beefed up at Customs House

KARACHI: Security has been beefed up at the entrance and exit points of Customs House owing to the prevailing poor law & order situation and recent suicide bomb attacks on the church in Peshawar.

Long queues of the visitors including importers and Customs agents can be observed at the entrance gate of Customs House and the security guards after frisking the visitors one by one, allow them to enter the building.

But interestingly, the metal detector through which security guard checks the visitors is defective and the walk-through gate installed at the main gate is also ‘out of order’.

Exchange of harsh words between the security guards and the visitors were also witnessed, as the guards, particularly who were deployed at the main gate, misbehaved the visitors.

The media persons also faced difficulties to enter the Customs House building, as the security guards asked so many questions to them, even after showing their identity.

To a query, chief security officer said that the guards have apprehended three suspicious men in the premises of Custom House. The security has handed over those men to the area police for further investigation, the security officer added.