Friday , December 4 2020
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SCCI lauds govt for establishing ‘Common Effluent Treatment Plant’

SIALKOT: The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has hailed the federal government for approving a grant of Rs 400 million from Export Development Fund (EDF) for the installation of Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Sialkot Tanner Zone.

SCCI President Mansur Ahmed termed it a very positive step by the government, saying this grant would help the Sialkot exporters in the early completion of the Sialkot Tannery Zone project, an important initiative for improving environment.

The SCCI President revealed that the relocation of all the 274 small, medium and big sized tanneries from Sialkot city to the Sialkot Tannery zone as part of climate change adaptation is crucial but the project could not be completed without the installation of Water treatment Plant there. He elaborated that the total cost for installation of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant is Rs. 1.13 billion, saying that Rs. 370 million have already been approved for the said project under UNIDO-GEF project.

President SCCI stated that the working on the plant would start as soon as the approved grant is provided by the government. He said that the Tannery zone project would be instrumental in resolving the environmental issues created by the disposal of hazardous chemicals from tanneries and would also address the environmental concerns of international buyers to enhance procurement orders from Pakistan.

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