Friday , October 2 2020
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SCCI concerns over crime incidents in city

SCCI concerns over crime incidents in city

SIALKOT: Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has raised its voice against the rising henious natured crime incidents in Sialkot city here.

In a press release issued here, President SCCI Maj(Rtd) Mansur Ahmed has expressed grave concern over the daily rising incidents of dacoity and robbery in Sialkot here, in which he said that the local traders, industrialists and exporters are being targeted by the criminals by conducting dacoity incidents in their houses in export-oriented Sialkot city now-a-days.

SCCI President Maj (Rtd) Mansur Ahmed mentioned that a major dacoity incident took place at the house of Sialkot based exporters Mehar Tariq and Mehar Saleem in Model Town Sialkot, located a few yards away from the Police Check Post Model Town Sialkot late at the last night.

SCCI President revealed that the police personnel deputed at the Model Town Police Check Post Sialkot were timely informed about this major dacoity incident by the grieved family, but policemen reached there with an inordinate delay due to which the dacoits managed to escape from the scene after looting gold ornaments, cash, electronics and other valuables (worth of Rs. 2 million) from there.

He said that the bandits could be arrested if the police reached there timely, but the police adopted traditional delaying tactics in reaching there.

SCCI President termed it a matter of grave concern. He revealed that it was the sixth to seventh major dacoity incident against local traders and exporters in Sialkot city during the last few days due to failure of the local police in Sialkot.

SCCI President Maj (Rtd) Mansur Ahmed demanded early arrest of the culprits directly or indirectly involved in the rising henious natured crimes against the local traders, industrialists and exporters in Sialkot , besides, providing them the security of life and property as well.