Friday , September 25 2020
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Sale of ‘fatal’ cooking oil, ghee goes on unchecked

Sale of ‘fatal’ cooking oil, ghee goes on unchecked

KARACHI: Adulterated and substandard cooking oil and vegetable ghee continue to playing with the public health, raising the number of patients having different fatal diseases in Pakistan. The malpractice has been going on in broad daylight, jarring at the performance and presence of the authorities concerned.

According to Pakistan Vanaspati Mills Association (PVMA) Chairman Atif Ikram, the government should control the production of substandard ghee/cooking oil. There are various departments supposed to check the spread of food items not fit for human consumption which a serious crime. It is the responsibility of the government to eliminate the malpractice and activate the departments responsible to check quality and standards of food items.

According to laws and guidelines, it is mandatory by the government to ensure that all cooking oils must be registered with PSQCA. However, majority of cooking oils brands beong sold are not registered with PSQCA, yet carry the PSQCA quality assurance.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Vanaspati Mills Association (PVMA) Chairman Atif Ikram complained the open sale of substandard ghee and oil in the country while the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye towards the hazardous matter. He said that substandard and contaminated products were rampantly sold and consumed in the country as there is no national body or legislation on food safety. He demanded concerned authorities to take stern action against the ghee mills that were producing and selling low quality products. PVMA requested the government to ensure selling of standard oil in the country so as to save consumers from exploitation.