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Russian Port of Kozmino exports 30.4m tons of oil in 2015

Russian Port of Kozmino exports 30.4m tons of oil in 2015

MOSCOW: The Russian Port of Kozmino exported 30.4 million tons of oil in 2015, which represent an increase of 5.5 million tons in comparison with previous year.

From the total export 14.7 million tons were for China, 8.7 million tons for Japan and 3.2 million tons for South Korea. The oil terminal is major export point for for Transneft Siberian oil for Eastern Asia.

The oil terminal is connected with pipeline system from Eastern Siberia to Pacific Ocean, which for last 6 years since built transported 123 million tons of oil to the Port of Kozmino, making it one of the most important export terminals in the Russian federation.

In 2016 the Port of Kozmino expect exports of 31 million tons of oil for Asia-Pacific region, which should continue the growing trend and represent an increase of 0.6 million tons.

The increasing oil export through the port, forced the authorities to implement capacity improvement program, carrying out works for reconstruction of water area by dredging Berth No 2, which should be capable for handling of oil tankers with deadweight up to 150,000 DWT. Increasing the capacity of the oil terminal will also be secured by the construction of new oil storage tanks in the port tank farm.

Port of Kozmino is oil terminal located near Nakhodka, Russia and close to Russia’s borders with China and North Korea, on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Port of Kozmino is the terminal point of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Meridian pipeline. With the opening of its terminal on December 28, 2009, the port of Kozmino instantly became Russia’s third-most important oil outlet.