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Reverse cargo clearance: US wants FBR to allow time delay

ISLAMABAD: The DG Directorate General of Transit Trade will submit comment to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) n a request by the US Consulate General Karachi, seeking one-time condonation of delay in time period for arrival/clearance of 117 containers/units part of US military reverse cargo in Afghanistan.

As per details, the Consulate General of US Karachi has written a letter to the FBR regarding delay condonation permission for US/Nato/Isaf reverse cargo, on a one-time basis. According to the communiqué, the US Consulate General has written a letter to the Directorate General of Transit Trade, Customs House, Karachi in which it has been proposed that the condonation of delay beyond 30 days may be allowed by the Board on a case to case basis.

In this regard, the US consulate has submitted a list comprising 117 containers/units pertaining to US military reverse cargo from Afghanistan, currently lying at port for the delay condonation permission to be allowed by the FBR on one-time basis. The delays for the clearance of 117 containers/units at port were due to the following reason: The US flag carriers are scheduled to carry an assigned amount of cargo. Most of the cargo gets delayed due to vessel schedules which results in cargo accumulation at port. Therefore, US Consulate has requested the tax authorities to allow the required extension so that these shipments are exported out of the country without further delay.


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