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Revenue of Mercabarna companies in Spain up 3% in 2014

Revenue of Mercabarna companies in Spain up 3% in 2014

MADRID: According to estimations of the Mercabarna Wholesalers’ Association (Assocome), its food businesses closed 2014 with a 3% increase in turnover compared to 2013, reaching 4,850 million Euro.

Despite the impact of the Russian veto, especially in the fresh produce and meat sectors, exports still accounted for 26% of total business, allowing for another increase in turnover, despite the still weak domestic market in 2014. The Assocome brings together more than 700 companies operating in Mercabarna, of which 350 correspond to companies that specialise in fresh products and to fruit and vegetable, fish and seafood wholesalers. The group of Assocome companies generate 7,800 direct jobs.

Despite the impact of the Russian veto, in force since last August, Mercabarna food wholesalers have maintained the pace of exports. As a whole, according to the Association of Wholesalers of Mercabarna, exports stood at 26%, a very similar volume to that registered in 2013, when there was a 6% increase, mainly caused by fruit and vegetable sales, which annually amount to about 1.7 million tonnes.

As regards total revenue, the increase stands at 3%, reaching 4,850 million Euro, of which 1,265 million corresponds to overseas transactions. According to the fresh produce wholesalers, the domestic market in 2014 has continued to be weak, with exports contributing significantly to the growth of food businesses in Mercabarna. Assocome president Joan Llonch stated that “our growth prospects as regards exports stands at 30%. Exceeding this volume will be very difficult. We also hope for the domestic market to show signs of recovery in 2015.”