Saturday , August 15 2020
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Rainy spell good for agri production

Rainy spell good for agri production

ISLAMABAD: The experts in Ministry of Food and Agriculture have termed the current rainy spell good for agricultural production, especially for wheat, gram and pulses.

A senior official of the ministry said that besides wheat, which has been sown over 8.8 million hectare of land in the country, rain will also help to boost the production of pulses like grams, moong and vegetables, and oil seeds which were cultivated over a vast land to fulfil the domestic requirements in the country. He said that the recent rains would have a very positive impact on standing crops, including wheat, gram and orchards, adding the spell particularly would be very fruitful for these crops in rain-fed areas.

“The rains will also improve per acreage yield as well as crop health,” he said. He said that if a minimum temperature prevails till the end of March, production of wheat will be impressive, but sudden rise of air temperature in March can negatively affect on wheat crop as it would reduce grain yield.

Pakistan agriculture Research Council (PARC) senior official told APP that the current wheat crop outlook was quite satisfactory in the country, adding that it is also expected that output of the crop would also remain positive. He advised the farmers to regularly monitor their crops and use proper pesticides and uproot weeds to enhance per acre out-put to make the country self-relaint in food production. It is pertinent to mention here that according to Met Office, more rains are expected in most parts of the country during the next three days.