Friday , July 10 2020
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Qatar banks’ assets rise 2.6% to QR1.11 trillion in Nov

Qatar banks’ assets rise 2.6% to QR1.11 trillion in Nov

DOHA: Qatar banks’ assets (and liabilities) increased QR27.9bn, or 2.6 percent, to QR1.11 trillion in November, compared with QR1077.9bn recorded in the previous month. The government and public sector deposits touched QR220.7bn, a decrease of QR11.4bn, in November.

Qatar’s total domestic public debt increased by QR9.1bn to QR356bn, The Group Securities noted in its reading of the changes in the banks’ consolidate balance sheet for November. The market liquidity analysis shows the month witnessed a high credit for domestic private sector, an increase by QR5.5bn to QR408.6bn. The local private sector deposits rose by QR2.5bn to QR337.1bn.

In November, the banks combined deposits at QCB stabilised at QR33.7bn. A breakdown of the figure shows that banks’ mandatory reserve stands at QR30.1bn at the rate of 4.75 percent of the total customers deposits at each bank as set by the QCB.

Government and public sector deposits increased about QR3bn to reach the level of QR220.7bn. The breakdown shows, QR66.3bn from government, QR120bn from government institutions and QR34.4bn for the quasi-governmental institutions. The government and the public sector total loans increased about QR6.8bn to reach QR235.7bn.

The Government’s total loans increased by QR6.8bn to QR72.3bn. Loans to government institutions decreased by QR0.2bn to QR136.7bn and credits to semi-government institutions increased by 0.2bn to QR26.7bn. The balance of Qatar Government bonds and bills with banks increased about QR2.3bn to reach QR120.4bn. The total domestic public debt, including government, government institutions, quasi-government institutions, bills and bonds, increased about QR9.2bn to reach QR356.1bn.

The domestic private sector deposits in local banks by October-end increased by QR5.4bn to QR301.2bn in addition to deposits worth QR9.4bn by non-banking financial institutions. Total domestic loans and credit facilities provided by banks to the local private sector increased about QR1.1bn to reach QR324.9bn in addition to loans and facilities worth QR11.9bn for the non-banking financial sector. Consumer loans are down by QR0.1bn to QR91.7bn. Real estate loans increased by QR1.9bn to QR90.3bn. While loans for trade rose QR2.5bn to QR45.8bn in November, loans to services sector jumped QR4bn to QR49.6bn and contractors increased by QR0.2bn to QR28.7bn. The loans to industries was up QR0.2bn to QR11.6bn and loans to other sectors added QR0.4bn to QR7.2bn.

Banks investments in securities outside Qatar increased QR0.1bn to QR21.6bn. Investments in bonds and bills stands stood at QR18.5bn in November. Local banks assets with banks outside Qatar decreased QR2.5bn to reach QR65.6bn. Bank loans to foreign parties increased QR4.3bn to QR86bn. Foreign banks liabilities on banks in Qatar increased QR17.2bn to QR174.6bn while the indebtedness of local banks to foreign parties in form of bonds and certificates of deposit decreased about QR3.6bn to QR35.7bn. Deposits or assets with other local banks increased QR6.5bn to QR 38.7bn and liabilities of local banks from other banks in Qatar increased QR7.9bn to QR38.6bn. The value of banks assets of cash and precious metals dropped QR 0.2bn to QR6.5bn.