Monday , August 10 2020
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Punjab Food Authority organizes awareness session at RCCI

Punjab Food Authority organizes awareness session at RCCI

RAWALPINDI: Additional Director General Licensing & Resources of Punjab Food Authority Shahid Inayat Malik has said that the sale of loose milk will be banned from 2022 and all the dairy farms will be legally bound to sell pasteurized milk in plastic bags and bottles. There are many success stories where now companies had to print on packages whether it’s a milk or tea whitener. PFA has started the campaign to protect consumers from the adulterated milk. The dairy farmers are advised to install pasteurizing plants and maintain cold chains to provide milk to the consumer.
Addressing an awareness seminar at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) ADG Shahid Anayat said that main purpose of Punjab Food Authority was to bring all food-related businesses, bakery, wedding halls, restaurants etc. into one category with a license so that they can be monitored transparently. In the name of inspection, no businessman/center will be harassed.
It will be observed that the staff of PFA will deal restaurant staff with respect and polite and must treat as client.
While answering to a question, ADG informed that License registration process has been simplified, complaints will be resolved on timely fashion. The traders’ self-esteem will be taken care of and avoid unnecessary inspection.
Earlier, Chamber President Saboor Malik, in his address, said that the Punjab Food Authority’s measures have provided protection to consumers and provide them with quality goods. However, the business community has many concerns. Punjab Food Authority has to increase its capacity to reduce fines and simplify procedures. Information leaflets for campaign awareness should be given at every business center in Urdu language.