Wednesday , January 27 2021
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PSO launches High-Octane 97, Euro-V fuels for eco-friendly vehicles

PSO launches High-Octane 97, Euro-V fuels for eco-friendly vehicles

ISLAMABAD: The state-owned Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has become the first oil marketing company (OMC) to upgrade Pakistan’s fuel standard from Euro-II to Euro-V.

The federal government has fulfilled its promise by launching high-quality and environment-friendly fuels including High Octane Blending Component (HOBC) also known as RON 97 and less emitting Euro-V diesel.

Omar Ayub Khan lauded the flagship OMC for introducing increased standard fuels in Pakistan. He said that PM Imran Khan is very keen on addressing the challenges related to climate change.

PSO launch environment-friendly Euro-V High-Octane high-quality fuel

He expressed hopes that the introduction of high-standard fuels will reduce air pollution, showing the commitment of the federal government for a clean environment.

“It is the need of our time to adapt upgraded fuel standards that reduce the negative impact on our environment and help our country move towards a sustainable future. Improvement in fuel quality will ultimately benefit the consumer and will help enable a cleaner environment with reduced pollution.”

SAPM on Petroleum Division Nadeem Babar said, “We owe it to our future generations to bequeath to them a planet worth living in. We are headed in the right direction and have taken key initiatives to overcome the challenges posed by climate change. Upgrading fuel standards is a major step towards a cleaner, greener Pakistan. PSO must be applauded for moving the country towards a better future.”

Euro-5 standard fuel will minimise the negative impact on our environment owing to the reduction in Sulphur and Benzene content by a staggering 98 per cent and 80 per cent respectively thereby reducing harmful vehicle emissions, providing health benefits and improving engine performance.

Moreover, the reduction in Benzene content will also significantly improve the occupational health of industry workers who are involved in product handling.

On August 8, the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) had established the country’s first Euro5 fuel station in Karachi.