Monday , December 16 2019
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PSA Singapore Enters Smart Energy Partnership

PSA Singapore Enters Smart Energy Partnership

As part of a USD $12 million programme to develop local energy solutions, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore has agreed to collaborate with PSA Singapore on transforming port operations.
According to a statement, Singapore’s energy sector is evolving with the adoption of new energy storage systems and the harnessing of renewable energy sources such as solar power.

In order to support this progress, EMA is working with local research entities and enterprises to “catalyse R&D efforts” and create innovative solutions.

The new partnership formed by EMA and PSA Singapore aims to increase the eco-efficiency of port operations at the latter’s Pasir Panjang Terminal, a goal that will be achieved by reducing overall energy usage and carbon emissions.

Also included in the organizations’ collaborative effort is a joint R&D grant call for innovative smart grid technologies and energy management solutions.

This initiative will involve the integration of renewable energy sources like solar power with smart control networks, enabling PSA Singapore to use electricity more intelligently for a much smaller carbon footprint.

Ngiam Shih Chun, EMA Chief Executive, said: “EMA is pleased to expand the portfolio of our industry partnerships. Today we are partnering both PSA and Shell Singapore to develop our energy sector in the areas of energy storage and in digitalization.

“Energy storage solutions are critical to support our clean energy ambitions by allowing us to better integrate solar energy. Digitalisation efforts will also play an important role in making our power systems smarter, more efficient and resilient.”