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Prospects of tourist industry

Prospects of tourist industry

The tourism and hospitable sector is one of the largest important sources of revenue generation in today’s world as people want to visit new places and new destinations to explore new cultures for recreation and satisfaction of their aesthetics. There are millions of millions of other people who go on businesses and religious trips, making tourism as one of the promising industries in the world. The travel and tourism industry plays a large role in both developing and the developed countries and has been contributing significantly to their economies. Pakistan is blessed with rich and varied sightseeing lands full of local flora and fauna. At least thirteen out of 18 high peaks in the world are in Pakistan, including Karakoram and the Hindukush ranges. Those are famous for their alpine meadows and permanent snow line, coniferous forests down the sub-mountain scrub in the north while the vast Indus plains on the south of the country along with the great desert, the coast line and wetlands, all offer marvelous attractions for the potential tourists of the country. However, Pakistan has given free hand to Arab sheikhs to come to Pakistan and they kill not only precious and dwindling local species, but also migratory birds which come from Siberia and other highlands from the north every year. At least ten of 18 mammalian orders in the world are represented in Pakistan with species ranging from the world’s smallest surviving mammals, the Mediterranean pigmy shrew, to the largest mammal ever known the blue whale.

Pakistan is a land of opportunities and a land of high adventure and nature. Tourists are fascinated with trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting, wild boar hunting, mountain and desert jeep safaris, camel and yak safaris, trout fishing and bird watching opportunities across the country. The marvelous beauty of Northern Areas is the source of attraction for the local and foreign tourists. There are beautiful valleys and lacks across the country, which are greatest attractions for tourists. Pakistan can have billions of dollar tourism industry if attention is paid to this sector. Again, cultural and commercial attaches working in Pakistani missions abroad should be put on the action mode and they should be told in clear terms that the government means business. The tourist industry will not only increase the foreign exchange reserves, but will also promote the soft image of Pakistan in the comity of nations. But it is yet to be seen who will bell the cat.