Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Poor facilities at PICT

Poor facilities at PICT



Honourable Kamram Michael

Federal Minister for Port and Shipping

Government of Pakistan




Exporters are facing immense difficulties and problems at the hands of terminal operators at different terminals. This is specially so at the Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) where the terminal staff with its slackness cause the exporters tremendous mental agony.

The terminal operators have enough time to offload the containers, but instead of timely offloading, they start their activities very late after losing much valuable time. Due to this practice, the exporters suffer loss of millions of rupees. Customs officials also face difficulties in examination and assessment of the goods, as they do not have sufficient time to properly do their work.

“The charges of terminal operators are very high, but their service substandard is poor.

The On behalf of the exporters I humbly request you to  kindly look into the matter and  issue directives to all terminal operators to enhance their performance.

The improved performance of the terminal operators will definitely be of great benefit to the national exchequer.


Yours Sincerely,

Yahya Muhammad,