Wednesday , September 23 2020
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PM lauded for taking business community into confidence

PM lauded for taking business community into confidence

KARACHI: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Wednesday appreciated the Prime Minister Imran Khan for taking business community’s input on various economic issues.

The Prime Minister is trying to create an enabling environment as per the objectives of the business community which is imperative for the national development, said Karim Aziz Malik, Acting President FPCCI.

Talking to VP FPCCI Atif Ikram Sheikh, Chairman Coordination FPCCI Malik Sohail and others, he said that many issues of the business community remains unresolved requiring urgent attention.

Karim Aziz Malik said that a part of the business community is ready to fully cooperate with the government so that country can overcome problems but it is confused about the country’s economic direction which is creating uncertainty.

He said that some of the businessmen thinks that conflicting statements of top officials indicate a lack of coordination which is worrying them.

The local currency has become cheaper by thirty rupees against US dollar which has not only increased prices of all importable goods but also made exports costlier and a lot of raw material is imported, he added.

The business leader said that the intervention of central banks cannot strengthen the rupee as the forex reserves can hardly cater for import bill of 45 days.

He said that situation can be improved by earning dollars for which exports, remittances and investment should be focused while unnecessary imports should be curtailed.