Saturday , July 11 2020
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PM Imran takes notice of ‘mishandling, delays’ on Pakistan Citizen Portal app

PM Imran takes notice of ‘mishandling, delays’ on Pakistan Citizen Portal app

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of the mishandling, non-resolution or delayed response on the complaints registered on the Pakistan Citizen Portal, and directed all the ministries to form a dedicated committee to evaluate the performance of the concerned officers.

According to a letter issued to all ministries and divisions by the Prime Minister’s Office, a performance evaluation of few officers’ dashboard was made which showed that the complaints were neither handled according to the instructions nor were they decided at an appropriate level.

“It was evident from the quality of response to the citizens that the system was left in the hands of subordinates and majority of the decisions were made by them,” it stated.

The dedicated committee will comprise of a joint secretary who will also be the chairman, administrative focal person of the ministry or division, technical focal person, focal person of attached departments and any co-opted member.

The committee will conduct a performance evaluation of the assigned or selected officers’ dashboards, and identify the loopholes in the sample complaints handled, resolved, or dropped so far.

The body will identify the officers responsible for poor performance and also those doing the best.

Besides taking corrective measures in complaints identified with improper handling or resolution, the committee will also point out the success stories of the portal.

The ministries and divisions have been given 30 days to furnish the evaluation report.

The PM office pointed out that despite stress on provision of proof to the citizens regarding the resolution, many resolved complaints were found devoid of it. The complaints were dropped on wrong pleas and many others were decided at irrelevant or unauthorised level.

In the evaluation, it was also found that a citizen was told that he had been granted relief or partial relief but factual position was different besides the misleading statements made regarding the resolution.