Monday , October 26 2020
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PIAF-Founders Alliance bags all 8 seats of LCCI Associate Class with thumping margin

PIAF-Founders Alliance bags all 8 seats of LCCI Associate Class with thumping margin

LAHORE: The PIAF-Founders Alliance made another clean sweep by winning all the 8 seats of LCCI Associate Class for year 2020-21 paving the way for the Alliance to have its president, senior vice president and vice president.

Total 4751 votes were polled out of 10,670 while 102 votes were rejected due to technical reasons. PIAF-Founder Alliance got 2477 panel votes while the rivals Lahore Businessmen Front secured only 999 panel votes. Voice of Traders secured 2 panel votes.

The PIAF-Founders Alliance candidates Nasir Hameed Khan got 3299 votes, Saleem Asghar Bhatti got 3236 votes. Mian Maqbool Siddiqi got 3220 votes, Shahzad Butt got 3208 votes, Shahid Nazir Ch got 3187 votes, Muhammad Kashif Bashir secured 3151 votes, Muhammad Ali Afzal got 3085 votes and Muhammad Naeem Hanif secured 3056 votes.

Lahore Businessmen Front candidates Muhammad Amjad Chaudhry got 1693 votes, Mian Javed Ali got 1432 votes, Ali Raza got 1349 votes, Zain Elahi got 1339 votes, Nabeel Mehmood got 1229 votes, Chaudhry Muhammad Rashid got 1211 votes, Muhammad Wasim Abbas got 1185 votes, Sajid Aziz Meer got 1195 votes respectively.

While Voice of Traders candidates Muhammad Asim got 78 votes, Mian Kamran Saif got 82 votes, Rana Muhammad Riaz got 69 votes, Muhammad Saveed got 49 votes, Muhammad Mansha Bhatti got 62 votes, Muhammad Khalid secured 65 votes.

The final results will be announced on September 30 in scheduled Annual General Meeting.

Election Commission comprising Sohail Lashari, Shahid Hassan Sheikh and Haroon Shafiq Chaudhry announced the provisional results.

Soon after the announcement of panel vote results, the LCCI President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, Senior Vice President Ali Hussam Asghar and Vice President Mian Zahid Jawaid Ahmed thanked the voters for reposing confidence in PIAF-Founders Alliance.

They said that the number of votes cast in favour of the PIAF-Founders Alliance was enough to prove that the business community was with the Alliance, adding this was the 18 the consecutive and biggest victory by the PIAF-Founders Alliance.

They paid rich tributes to the Leadership of the Alliance for putting in their all energies to ensure a comfortable victory. They said that all efforts would be made to facilitate the members of LCCI for smooth functioning of their businesses.