Tuesday , November 24 2020
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PIA losses

PIA losses

The accumulated losses incurred by Pakistan International Airlines are factually disappointing and speak of the volume of mismanagement, corruption and administrative failure all combined together. The latest media reports suggest the mega organization is heading toward mega failure as the losses have soared up to Rs319.10 billion (or nearly $3 billion) this year and this amount is enough to launch a new airline. No one in the government ever tried to ascertain the causes of failures or to take notice of the burden piling up on the nation without any reason. What a staff of 18,000 personnel is doing and how many of them are on the driving seats filling their pockets with hefty salaries and perks without offering any service to the nation. An organization which should be an asset of the nation is appearing as great burden, combusting the taxpayers’ money on every flight and every operation. The prime minister, the finance minister, the commerce minister, the cabinet and even parliament are looking the destruction of the titanic like silent spectators. If this is the style of the governance and administration, the political elite should resign and accept its failure.

According to reports, the airline had started its operations on various loss-making routes in four continents, including to North America and Europe. The PIA flights to and from New York alone had been causing a loss of Rs2.25 billion per year and had also lost much of its business on domestic routes under the open skies policy.The implementation of blind policies have not only ruined this respectable organization, but also attached various other evils with it. The airline is allegedly used to smuggle heroin and other drugs to European countries, bringing shame for the nation. The blind implementation of open skies policy failed to create healthy competition, and added burden of losses to the nation.

The administrative failures are not confined to the national carrier alone, the financial condition of other mega organizations also depict the worst scenario in this age of knowledge and information. The Pakistan Steel Mills is another white elephant depleting the national resources and the condition of Pakistan Railways is also not different. The organizations which should be the earning hands are causing heavy losses to the nation. The government of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, which always claims its successes, should also accept its failures. There is urgent need to revitalize mega public sector organizations. The sooner it is done the better.