Thursday , November 21 2019
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Peshawar Preventive earns Rs525m through anti-smuggling activities

Peshawar Preventive earns Rs525m through anti-smuggling activities

PESHAWAR: Collectorate of Customs Preventive seized goods worth Rs 525 million till August 2019 through different enforcement raids.

The MCC Preventive Peshawar committed to curb smuggling and loss to national exchequer,  collector Asif Saeed Khan said while talking with Customs Today, and added that customs preventive staff must be lauded for outstanding performance.

Goods are seized due to particular circumstances surrounding the import of such goods, the collector said, adding that as part of enforcement duties, Customs may seize goods from both travellers and importers, preventing non-compliant merchandise from entering or leaving the country in violation of the Trade Tax Regulation.

According to details, the Customs Preventive staff at different customs stations performed very well and contributed to revenue generation. Seized goods include smuggled 4 containers of 40 feet at DI Khan loaded with coal and 2.16kg gold along with 400,000 Saudi Riyals at Torkham border.

The Customs Preventive seized non-duty paid goods worth Rs 98.4 million in Peshawar. The Customs Preventive staff at Kohat and DI Khan seized four trucks of coal in which NDP goods were loaded.

The MCC Preventive staff in different raids and enforcement activities seized cloth, silk polyester, tyres, vehicles different models, trucks & trailers containers, cars, vans and Indian origin electronics between Peshawar and Torkham border.

The Customs Preventive staff also seized drugs including hashish, heroin, ice and liquor, Indian origin gutka, Chinese mobiles and smuggled mobile phones of multinational company brands.

The Customs Preventive team at Kharlachi Parachinar thwarted 5 attempts of smuggling non-duty paid goods and registered FIR against accused smugglers.

The sources claimed that customs preventive staff carried complete physical test of vehicles in order to eliminate the risk of smuggling which increased revenue generation.