Saturday , December 5 2020
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Peshawar Police hand over impounded cars to Customs House

PESHAWAR: The Capital City Police handed over cars worth millions of rupees impounded by Peshawar Police at City Police Line to Collectorate of Customs.

The occasion was graced by CCPO Javid Iqbal and Deputy Collector Customs Dry Port Najib Arjumand. The CCPO while talking with Customs Today said these non-customs paid vehicles were impounded by Peshawar Police during different raids and activities and now handed over to Customs department for safe auction and exchange of revenue.

He said that the role of police has been very critical to trace smuggling of non-duty paid goods. He further said that Peshawar Police will continue to support efforts of Customs department in combating smuggling of NDP goods.

Deputy Collector Najid Anjum appreciated the cause of Peshawar Police in combating the sale of non duty paid vehicles and smuggled goods.

Deputy collector hoped that better coordination between police and customs could lead to complete eradication of smuggling of non-duty paid goods from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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