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Peshawar Customs collects Rs1974.57m revenue during February

Peshawar Customs collects Rs1974.57m revenue during February

PESHAWAR: The Customs House has collected Rs 1974.57 million revenue during the  month of February against Rs1611.78 million collected during the same period of FY 2016-17.

The Customs House Peshawar generated Rs 362.79 million more revenue in February of Y which predicts that the tax collection has been on rise and customs department has not only achieved target but also surpassed the previous target with good margin.

The collection stated by MCC Peshawar showed that up to February the Collectorate have surpassed the proposed target of revenue collection.

The Collector Muhammad Saeed Jadoon while giving short interview to Customs Today praised the customs staff of Customs House for generating extra revenue through made hard work.

The Collector Customs lauded the performance of customs staff for showing collection of Rs681.21 million under the head of customs duty in February which is more than Rs432.76 million generated in the same period of time during February of previous FY 2016-17.

The Customs Collectorate of Peshawar also received Rs 264.55 million through rebate claims up to the month of February which is very positive sign through which refunds has been collected.

An amount of Rs 710 million has been collected under the head of sales tax on goods during February of current FY 2017-18 against Rs497.37 million collected in February of previous FY 2016-17 for which the collector lauded customs officers and said that the credit of this collection goes to the whole Customs House.

In between the collector said Pakistan Customs has been one of the major tax collection department and it’s stations are spread in all over Pakistan to collect major taxes in order to fulfil their services of collecting taxes which become 47 percent of whole collection done by Federal Board of Revenue .

The Peshawar High Court earlier stopped Federal Board of Revenue to not collect Sale tax and Customs duty from FATA and PATA which also falls in the jurisdiction of Customs House Peshawar the Collector Customs added.

The Collector Customs lauded the tax collected on head of FED in month of February which has been Rs 16.95 million and up to February the Customs House Peshawar has collected Rs 123.28 million FED on Imports which is a good sign for progression of collecting more duty.

The Customs department on head of with holding taxes collected Rs 301.86 million revenue in February and up to February the net collection carried out on head of WHT become Rs 3084.74 million on which the collector customs appreciated the customs staff.

The Collector Customs further said that matters will be set out with Importers at Torkham border soon but no compromise will be made on securing national interests.

The Collector customs added that several times educative seminars were arranged for customs clearing agents but they neither attended the seminars nor applied any positive attempts to understand the procedure of Web OC service at once.

The Collector customs further elaborated that it has been the time to move with international community for securing border management and providing favourable trade atmosphere to multinational importers and exporters.

Collector Customs added that special direction has been given to carry out compete checking of vehicles loaded goods who reach Dry Port stations.

The Collector Customs also has directed to facilitate importers at Bacha Khan International Airport in order to further enhance customs rules to be applied on luggage carriages and commercial movers.

The Collector Customs appraised the officers of Customs House Peshawar for untiring duty for the purpose to simplify the tax collection procedures.