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Peruvian mango exports to S. Korea up 214%

Peruvian mango exports to S. Korea up 214%

OTTAWA: Between January and October 2015 Peru exported US$9.4 million worth of raw or steam-cooked (packed) mangoes to South Korea; this is a 214 percent increase in comparison with the same period in 2014, reports Peru-South Korea Business Council Chairman Juan Varilias affirmed.

The number of fresh-mango shipments is expected to increase in the short-term, following phytosanitary protocol approval.

As we previously reported, South Korea opened its market to Peruvian fresh mangoes thanks to technical endeavours made by the Agriculture Ministry.

Between January and November 2013, South Korea became the sixteenth destination for Peruvian mangoes. Sales to the country accounted for 0.3% of total acquisitions worth US$151.7 million.

Gradually, it is turning into a more relevant target market for mango and its by-products. Its 214% rate expansion stands above the global average increase of 28% registered during the same period of time.

Thus, the country is ranked fifth among main target markets. The list is led by the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada.